Can my trailer or ReloCube be dropped off and picked up in the same business day?

U-Pack typically allows up to three business days to load the ReloCube or trailer. However, there are some circumstances where you may need to load and begin moving your shipment within the same day. U-Pack offers two options to accommodate these special circumstances:

  1. Same-day delivery/pick-up
  2. A “Live Load”

With same-day delivery/pick up, U-Pack will deliver the equipment to your location and pick it up within the same day. This type of move takes place usually when the equipment isn’t allowed to stay at the location overnight.

With a Live Load, U-Pack delivers the equipment to your location and the driver stays with the equipment while you load. When you’re finished loading, the driver will take your shipment back to the service center. A Live Load usually takes place when there is a short time period, typically just a few hours, to load the moving equipment.

In either case, the customer is responsible for ensuring that safe, legal parking is available for the equipment.

If you think you may need same-day delivery/pick-up or a Live-Load, call 844-700-5478 and a U-Pack moving consultant will check with the local service center for schedule availability.